Friday 30th June 2017

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We were up early trying to beat some of the heat. Torin started relaying some of the slabs he had lifted, only to find they were smashing so it looks as though we will need a load of new ones again and once again we have the problem of sourcing them. I am back to cleaning cupboards and wondering why we have so much booze here!! There are also another 6 unopened bottles in the utility room!! I think we used to make cocktails!

Mal and Torin went off to Karsiyaka to buy the slabs, another 40, that should allow for more breakages as they don’t seem to make them like they used to. I know last time Torin was doing the other side, the guy smashed half of them just delivering them up here!! They were 5tl each.

It was HOT…52 degrees in the sun!! Too hot to work in the peak of it.

In the evening we went to Blue Song. Torin had a really good, tasty full kebab and is now saying this is his favourite restaurant. It used to be Silver Rocks! One of the reasons we like it there is the amazing sunsets.

We are usually 3 degrees cooler than down by the coast. When we came back home at 9.30 it was still 38 degrees!

Thought for the Day – “If we all do one random act of kindness daily, we might just set the world in the right direction.” ~ Martin Kornfeld

Thursday 29th June 2017

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I often look back at my diary for prices. This morning I was finding out the price of sand and cement last time Torin layed the other slabs. So, a few prices (per kilo) Cherries 21tl, tomatoes 2.90tl, okra 2.90tl, lemons 10tl,bananas 4.30tl, hellim 15.90tl. potatoes 1.99tl, Yesterday whilst shopping in Starlings we each had a cornetto and they were TWOtl(44p)! Efes 50cl x 6 cans 17.90 (£3.93). Today it is 4.54 tl to the £.

Torin and Mal went off to Lapta to buy the sand and cement and it was still only 11tl a bag. I think they bought 14 bags.

It was very high humidity and Torin was working right out in the sun. We had to tell him to stop before he got sun stroke! He did listen and went and had a siesta. Meanwhile I was doing bits and pieces in the garden. I can’t believe how our huge jasmine arch has gone mad and there are so many carobs.

Açmenya now have a new Lahmacun Evi next door to their restaurant, so we decided to try it out in the evening. Mal and Torin both had pide. I had chicken sis wrap and I also asked for a bowl of salad to go with it. We also had 4  x Efes and a diet coke and it came to the grand total of 88tl (£19)! AND it was very good. An old friend of mine walked past while we were sat there and I am sure she saw me but nothing. There certainly is a story there of how people you think of as friends can completely change when their circumstances change. Very sad. I should have learnt my lesson by this age!!

I forgot to mention on the way, well a minor detour to Lemar, Torin fell in love with one of the stray dogs outside Lemar and wanted to take it home! I wouldn’t let him put it in the boot!

Another lovely evening.

I am a member of one of the Canterbury groups on Facebook and this is the third act of kindness I have heard about. It really makes me smile when I read something like this. There really are so many good people around.

⭐️ A random act of kindness! ⭐️
To the gentleman who paid for my mother’s flowers recently in Morrisons a HUGE thank you! She was about to pay and you stepped in saying you wanted to buy them for her as you didn’t have a Nan. You made her day, touched her heart and showed that there are some very thoughtful people around. Many thanks”

Thought for the Day – “Learn from the mistakes of others. You can never live long enough to make them all yourself.” ~ Groucho Marx

Wednesday 28th June 2017

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We went to the yapi market to buy paint/sealant etc and also a new pair of shears, one of our pairs has broken. Torin spent the day lifting slabs from the other side of the swimming pool, in 46 degree sun! I started hacking some of the jungle garden and Mal scraping down the exterior paint. Phew it was hot!

We  all worked so hard,. Torin burnt his feet! Don’t ask!

To make up for all the hard work, we went to my favourite restaurant in the evening, Charcos in Lapta. Cristina is so nice and Celal of course.The food is superb and their brandy sours excellent! There are so many calories in them that I will only drink them where I know they will be good.  And of course, the first brandy sour of each visit is a toast to Sue,my fantastic friend who we lost to cancer.  The first night we ever met we both  got so drunk on brandy sours and for the next 12 years she always blamed me for introducing them to her, I miss you Sue.

Cristina was quite sad as they have lost 4 of their very good customers, all died very recently.

Torin was driving so I had TWO brandy sours and brandy with the Turkish coffee.

Cristina’s art work is amazing. I would love more. I already have one huge piece,



Thought for the Day – Each day has a magical moment that helps us to change and send us out to make our dreams come true.” ~ Paulo Coelho

Tuesday 27th June 2017

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Well, we sat out on the terrace until 3am. It was just such a nice temperature (around 28) and the pool was so inviting so I went in for a swim. I have to say I do miss swimming every day.
Of course this meant we didn’t wake up until 9 but then allowing for time change……
Torin and I went to get the shopping and he decided he would go to the barbers as he didn’t have time to get his hair cut in the UK. I took him to “Big Man” and it was 20tl (£4.50!!) He was really impressed with that.
We planned on having a bit of a restful day but Torin started hacking away at totally overgrown hedges and trees and some of the kitchen cupboards smelt damp, probably because it was so wet last time we were here, so I cleaned them all out.  Of course there was swimming in between when we were too hot. Mal was doing hedges too and holding the ladder.
 In the evening we asked Torin to choose where to eat, so predictable, he chose Silver Rocks. It was the last day of Bayram and we knew they would be busy and we hadn’t booked but we were the last people to be squeezed in of the people who hadn’t booked. That was lucky.

Thought for the Day – “The tans will fade but the memories will last forever.”

Monday 26th June 2017

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Travelling day! We flew with Atlasjet. We found they were the cheapest this time of year and now everyone has to change planes in Istanbul anyway. You do get meals and drink with Atlas, you don’t with Pegasus. We also had 30kg luggage allowance! There was plenty of time for changing planes.

We arrived and wow, was the house HOT. Of course it has been shut up in all this heat. So, we sat outside and had a drink or two while it cooled! Our little house gecko came out to welcome us!

Thought for the Day – “It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Sunday 25th June 2017

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I think Mal was a little hung over…I was driving yesterday, as usual!

It looks as though Ellie is having a good holiday too by the sea!!

I think Oscar is in charge of her!

We packed and cleaned the house up and then went to Torin’s as he is coming away with us to Cyprus. He is the muscle for some of the work we have to do!

Thought for the Day – “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Saturday 24th June 2017

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I had a stomach upset in the night which was not at all helpful as Jem and Dom’s  “Festival” wedding was today! However we left home at midday to seek out the wood! Jemma had worked so hard to do all the decorating and organising. We met up with some of Mal’s relations that we haven’t seen since before we moved to Cyprus. It was a wonderful day even though after a few hot days the sun had disappeared which was a shame and it was quite a cold wind. They had about 200 people there and a very moving humanist service led by this lovely lady.

It really was a lot of fun with food and speeches at 4pm and a BBQ at 8. There were quite a lot of wobbly people, some even falling over! We got to know Jem’s mum who we have a lot in common with. She comes from Tottenham and I come from Palmer’s Green.

I am sure they will be very happy together.

Thought for the Day – “A happy marriage is about three things: memories of togetherness, forgiveness of mistakes and a promise to never give up on each other.” ~ Surabhi Surendra