Wednesday 28th February 2018

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More snow fell during the night and the lake opposite was frozen which means it was colder than yesterday. BUT help was at hand!


No school runs for Lou and Rhys as the schools are closed, so they were out down the beach with the kids!! I can’t believe the beach was covered in snow. It is usually warmer by the sea.

We took Ellie later than usual when the sun was out, not that it made much difference to the temperature.

I thought this was really nice of the Mosque…….I guess all the churches are locked!!……………………


We checked with Rhys and Lou first to see if they could look after Ellie and then we booked a holiday! We both want to go to Madeira. The last time we were there was New Years Eve 1998 and watched a spectacular firework display from on board our cruise ship. Every house in Madeira has a firework and all the boats in the harbour. It was magical at midnight. The following day we went ashore but the weather was awful so we saw very little of the island. It was the day they adopted the euro and it was horrific buying things in the shops as they didn’t have a clue. Hopefully on our next visit we will see far more of the beauty of the island. 

In the evening we watched the Spurs game which was a bit of a shambles one way and another but at least Spurs won! 6-1

Thought for the Day – “A smile can hide so many feelings. Fear,sadness, heartbreak…….But it also shows one other thing, strength.” 

Tuesday 27th February 2018

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We woke up to snow and falling quite heavily. We were the first out down our road and I don’t think many people will be attempting it today and certainly not the dustmen! It does all look very pretty!
Ellie wasn’t too sure to begin with and then decided she loved it and kept rolling in it!! We took her for a walk and poor thing had icicles hanging for her feathers and in between her pads by the time we arrived home but she loved it!
 She also liked playing snowballs and caught this one!

We waited until the afternoon until a little of the snow had thawed as we had to go and post birthday presents for the twins. As we had made the effort to get out, we also went to the skip place to load up with more wood. I managed to get an enormous splinter in my finger, it was about half an inch long when I tweezered it out when I was home! At least I pulled  it all out.

The rest of the day was spent keeping warm by the log burner.

Oh, I forgot to mention…..we exchanged contracts yesterday!! Mal has told the estate agent to go and turn the heat on so it doesn’t freeze. We have now insured it just in case…well, they are hopeless estate agents!

Thought for the Day – “All of us could learn something from the weather. It pays no attention to criticism.”

Monday 26th February 2018

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Cold weather is forecast and obviously the squirrels want to fill their tummies up!

My day at Demelza again, the weeks seem to fly by. It was very cold and snowing but we were so busy in the morning. We sold a lot of bridal which pushes the totals up and it was the most we have taken on a Monday since I have been there. The afternoon was a different story, we seemed to do more refunds than sales! No management were in at all and so I had to do it, having never been shown how to do it…interesting but I did manage.

It was snowing when I left in the morning and had settled in Wingham and here by the time I arrived home. We had the log burner on and we were nice and cosy.

Thought for the Day – “Let your smile change the world, Not the world change your smile.”

Sunday 25th February 2018

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It was sunny but a bitterly cold wind. Mal and I took Ellie for a walk along the river to Wickhambreaux. It wasn’t too bad going but coming back the freezing wind was in our face. The weather makes no difference to Ellie, she just loves the water. Funny how she would never go in the Med! 

Meanwhile Lou and co were off doing a half marathon ( a bit more training towards her full marathon in April
) River and Sol ran as well and Lou beat River!!!! They must have been frozen.
 And with the boys….

We kept warm in the afternoon and watched Spurs (yeah they won) followed by Man U v Chelsea. Of course Chelsea was Torin’s team, Man U is Rhys’s. Always things remind me. 

In the evening I wrapped up presents for the twins birthday. I have to post them to make sure they arrive in time for their birthdays. One of Torin’s friends made some good suggestions to make sure the twins will always know just how much they mean to us. One idea, to photograph everything we send to them and all the messages we send to them as well. We sent them Christmas presents with a letter and a letter to their mother….nothing.  Torin would hate us to not see them. It is bad enough already that he always put them on the phone and Skype to us. Since he has been gone absolutely nothing.

Thought for the Day – “We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.” ~ Martin Luther King Jr

Saturday 24th February 2018

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Marion had booked her train ticket for the 9.20 train so I drove her into Canterbury. We got to the roundabout before the station and a black car cut up the inside of me as I was just about to turn right and bashed the side of my car. It was into Marion’s side but it made us both jump. Because of the surprise, neither of us got his number!! It was a single lane so he knew he was in the wrong and shot off. There wasn’t too much damage and thank goodness the wing mirror just bent back again. Some people! I dropped Marion off and then went shopping.

It was another cold day but I prefer cold and sun rather than that awful dull and drizzle.

In the afternoon we watched the football (Hammers)…they lost!

Thought for the Day – “You are rich, when you are content and happy with what you have.”

Friday 23rd February 2018

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We decided to spend the day in Sandwich. We started with a long walk by the river with Ellie. It was freezing especially when the wind was blowing into your face!

We took Marion to see the outside of the house and also met our new next door neighbour. He was out with one of his dogs. From there we were getting cold and hungry and so went to the Crispin Inn. It is one of Rhys’s favourites and we hadn’t been in there before. They do really good Caribbean food so we had to sample it! There were also nice chatty customers in there. PLUS…how thoughtful, this was on the wall!……
It wasn’t a brilliant day for me but then I am bound to have days like that.
Late afternoon we heard from the estate agents…exchange hasn’t happened again. It should have been yesterday, oh no it will be today…no it isn’t…..something about their contract getting lost!! Quite frankly I don’t believe anything they say anymore. There is just us buying a house, no chain anywhere but it is being made so complicated. It is easier not to think about it at all. We’ll start packing when we KNOW it is happening! Far more important worries in the great scheme of things. 
We had a quiet evening in.
Thought for the Day – “True happiness comes from the effort of making others happy. Give and share your love every day.” ~ Tinku Rozaria

Thursday 22nd February 2018

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Marion and I caught the bus into Canterbury. We weren’t very successful in our shopping, we found very little. The fact we both volunteer in charity shops, we ended up looking in them too. We had lunch out, so it was a nice day.

In the evening Marion and I went to see the musical “Rent” at the Theatre Royal. I had looked around the local theatres for something to go and see and this appeared to be the only production on. We agreed it was the most depressing musical either of us had ever seen and in spite of the performers being very good, we left in the interval. Not the best thing for me to see considering recent events.

Thought for the Day – “You don’t always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go and see what happens.” ~ Mandy Hale