Tuesday 31st January 2012

There was torrential rain overnight (again!) When I took Rosie the ‘river’ in the ravine was a total torrent. It was flowing so fast and deeper than usual that I couldn’t even cross it as the stepping stones were covered and I had visions of me trying and falling flat, so didn’t bother in the end!

Our house was ‘in the clouds’ most of the day.

Because of the cold and damp I collected a lot more logs from the store, only to discover that my clothes and hair had pine resin in them. I then had to try and get it out of my hair.

Our home in the clouds



Thought for the Day – “It is important to take risks. We only fully understand the miracle of life when we allow the unexpected to happen.” ~ Paulo Coelho

Monday 30th January 2012

Another weird weather day! There was even a twister out at sea but by the time I went to fetch my camera, it had gone from my view. Wet again. I hope we won’t be having a drought in the summer with all this winter rain I can’t see how.

In the evening I watched ‘Birdsong’. It was very good.


Thought for the Day – “What is the best way to tackle the impossible? With enthusiasm.” ~ Paulo Coelho

Sunday 29th January 2012

I cleaned the fridge and the kitchen cupboards and then decided that I would watch the mens final from the Australian Open (tennis). Just as well that I managed to get something done before I sat down to watch the match as it  lasted almost SIX hours. Nail biting stuff and the best match I have seen in a long while. Just a pity Nadal didn’t win.

In the evening I called the Cardiff boys who are all fine and also Mal. He had been out for a long walk with Shirley and Steve but he did manage to catch the end of the tennis.



Thought for the Day – “Flowers seem intended for the solace of ordinary humanity.” ~ John Ruskin

Saturday 28th January 2012

Sadly, Andy’s body has been found in a ravine this morning by police. Our condolences to his family and may he rest in peace.

Rosie and I went down to the beach and it was so clear that you could see the snow capped mountains across the sea in Turkey (if you look at the picture carefully!) But I have to say it was “bracing” down there. It reminded me of walks by the sea in the UK. Rosie loved it with the wind in her ears.

I stopped at Atakara on the way back to buy Cyprus Today and a delicious freshly baked cheese and olive loaf.

In the afternoon I watched Man U get knocked out of the FA cup. I think they need a new goalie!

No rain for the whole day and so I managed to get all the washing dried at last.

An excellent bargain for anyone who wants to send flowers. Only £11.99 and free delivery!

Across the sea...Turkey



Thought for the Day – “We can learn something new anytime we believe we can.” ~ Virginia Satir

Friday 27th January 2012

Another very wet day. I went out to lunch with Tanya and Sue but the heavens opened when I had to open the gate when I left home. We met up at The Meadow  in Girne, had a nice lunch and a good catch up. They have part of the restaurant which is like a conservatory and while we sat there the sun shone in and it was really warm. However, back in Malatya and it was raining again!

Sue reminded me it was 9 years since we first met and still blames me for a drunken night of brandy sours!

Tanya and Sue



Thought for the Day – “Friendship is like a violin; the music may stop now and then but the music will last forever.”

Wednesday 25th January 2012

Rosie and I went to the beach again early in the morning. I bought Cyprus Today (click to view!) on the way back. It appears the government have backed down, no comment there. There is talk of a possible general strike on Monday.

I called Multimax as soon as they opened. In a very short time I had two of the technicians in the house and they sorted the problem with the internet straight away. I have nothing but praise for Multimax, excellent customer service and so helpful. Far better than our last provider.

It was wonderful to have internet back and Skype of course. I spent the rest of the day catching up on emails and bargains! Anyone wanting a room in the UK between 11th Feb – 11th March for £19 Premier Inn Bargain.

In the evening I caught up with some of my newly downloaded programmes.

Sadly, today I learnt that Maureen Hutchinson lost her brave battle with cancer last evening. Many people will know her from starting Carpenter’s Market and also her Orchid Walks, which she made so interesting and she had so much knowledge. Our thoughts are with Tony and family. A sad loss for the TRNC. Rest in Peace Maureen.



Thought for the Day – “Life isn’t tied with a bow but it is still a gift.” ~ Regina Brett