30th Sept 2010

Kulaksiz 5 have put their case to the European Court of Human Rights see link.  Also today Stuart Hillard is in court (Geoff Day’s case) to teach them how to build a barbecue!

In the morning we took the car for a drive to make sure it was running ok. Yes, it was. We did some shopping and then called into Kibris Veteriner Klinigi to see what their opening hours are. It is always handy to know where your nearest vet is.  She is open 6 days a week, not Sundays. Her hours are  9.00 – 13.00 and then 13.00 – 18.00.  Professor Dr Huriye Horoz Kaya, seems very nice. Her phone number is 0090 392 821 1143. Her practice is on the main road, almost opposite the Deniz Kizi turn.

The farce continues, Geoff Day’s 54th TRNC court appearance see link

Thought for the Day : “There is a higher court than courts of justice and that is the court of conscience. It supercedes all other courts” – Mohandas Ghandi

29th Sept 2010

Hot off the press, Geoff Day’s 53rd appearance in the TRNC court see link . It has been suggested in the comments to the article that it is similar to a Brian Rix farce. It sounds as though it is and would be funny if it were not people’s lives they are playing with. UNBELIEVABLE!!

Mal likes to share things and so shared his “bug” with me. I felt rotten all day and Mal took Rosie out on his own and did the cooking. Headache, tired, achey, not very nice.

We did have a visitor today, the praying mantis. We seem to be finding a lot of them in the house at the moment. It quite fascinated Scarlet and Jack to watch him on the webcam!


Thought for the Day : “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” – Martin Luther King

28th Sept 2010

We went to the beach first thing in the morning. It was still slightly dark when we arrived at the beach. There was a very weird cloud formation over the mountains.

Mal wasn’t feeling too well and even had a sleep in the afternoon, unlike him. It seems it was only a 24 hour thing though.

We noticed that the car was overheating again and the fan wasn’t kicking in.  So, back to Ziggy’s for further investigation. He took out the air filter and checked all the hoses, this all took a considerable time. He then discovered that one of the hidden hoses was all blocked with gunge. He sorted all that out reconnected the hoses, put it all back together for the grand total of 20 tl. At least we know he is someone who can be trusted to tell you exactly how it is. Thank you Ziggy.

We also had a slow puncture and so went to the tyre place on the main road, tyre off, brown stuff applied and that was TWO tl!

The saga of  Geoff Day continues. It really is beyond belief. Let me update you on his 52nd day in court see link


Thought for the Day : “All human wisdom is summed up in two words – wait and hope” -Alexandre Dumas Pere

27th Sept 2010

Another beautiful day, a bit cooler when we walk Rosie but far better than coming back dripping and she is far more energetic too. Another walk in the mountains.

I really can’t believe that Geoff Day appeared in court for the 51st time today. Mary his wife is in the UK owing to ill health. I am not surprised by that. I know when Mal and I were going through our traumas years ago, it did nothing for our health. So many people’s thoughts are with you Mary and Geoff and are hoping justice will prevail. This is all a total farce see link

While I am on the subject of justice –  Eviction writs to  Kulaksiz 5 homeowners??! see link

For anyone who cares about what is going on with homeowners here in the TRNC and for the many victims, please join the peaceful candle lit vigil on Monday 4th October outside the Turkish Embassy in Lefkosa see link


Thought for the Day : “It is the spirit and not the form of law that keeps justice alive” – Earl Warren

26th Sept 2010

Another quiet Sunday doing little. Scarlet and Jack came on the webcam in the morning to speak to Nanny and Grandad.

We watched the Man U game – a draw. It seems a lot of the games this weekend were unexpected results, Hammers beating Spurs and Chelsea losing to Man City!

My niece (and God Daughter) Julie had a much more energetic day running the “Run to the Beat” half marathon raising money for Cancer Research. Well done Julie, I am so proud of you! 2 hours 24 minutes. In the picture of the 5 ‘little devils’ standing still, Julie is in the middle. NB Their T shirt printing by her cousin Rhys at see link (A1embroidery)

Please remember on Monday 4th October the peaceful candlelit vigil outside the Turkish Embassy in Lefkosa. The reason why you should go? see link


Thought for the Day : “Small acts when multiplied by millions can transform the world” – Howard Zinn

25th Sept 2010

We had a bit of a panic the previous night as Rosie had a problem with her eye, it was shutting and she kept rubbing it on furniture. I had the feeling it was going to be a dash to the vets but by the morning it was open and although inflamed, looking much better. I guess that she caught it on something when she was scrambling up and down the mountains. If her ball goes over the edge of the mountain she just follows it and comes back with half the bushes stuck to her coat. Anyway, I bathed her eye and it is much improved. That’s a relief.

We bought Cyprus Today and I have to say there was little newsworthy in it. There was a paragraph right at the end of Ipek’s column mentioning the candlelit vigil. I am sure most readers would have missed it……PLEASE support this on Monday 4th October.

We had a lovely evening with Robin, Christa, Robin’s mum Ursula and Gary joining us for dinner. I panicked during the day thinking we could eat on the terrace and as soon as I put the table mats out there, they all blew off the table in the wind. Thankfully it soon died down!  Robin and co are leaving on Tuesday. Hopefully Ursula will come and visit again, she is a lovely lady. So good company for another evening.


Thought for the Day : “One reason a dog is such a lovable creature is his tail wags instead of his tongue” – Unknown

24th Sept 2010

We decided to take Rosie right up the mountains for a very long walk. It reminded us how beautiful it is here.  We looked down on to our house, how it has changed from a few years ago when we were the only house between the two villages.

On Monday 4th October there will be a PEACEFUL Candlelit Vigil outside  Lefkosa Turkish Embassy. This is for all victims with property problems in the TRNC. I hope it will be well supported see link.  All the details are on the link and there is also the protest in London outside the Turkish Embassy on the same day. Even if your property purchase has been smooth sailing (!!) come along and support the many, many who have not and are still not sure if they own anything that they have put their life savings into.


Thought for the Day ; “You are forgiven your happiness and successes only if you generously consent to share them” – William Blake