Wednesday 3rd November 2021

I think we exhausted Ellie the previous day, so we walked her across the fields and then went to Birchington, leaving her behind. There are some nice shops there which we had a wander around and then I drove on to Cliftonville to the Walpole Bay Hotel which I thought Marion may enjoy.

We had a really good cup of coffee each and then went to look round the museum. This is no ordinary museum, a sort of a living museum. You go up in the old lift to the third floor.

Then just work your way down to view so many old things! They also have a Napery Gallery. It is really fascinating but Marion and I both kept saying, “don’t you remember Nanny had one of those”, showing how old we are!

After all that we went for a wander around the “hipster” part of Margate. In King Street we came across a very interesting building where they give art classes and also sell crafts. We went in to talk to the artist as Mal is looking for art classes and can’t find exactly what he wants. This guy sounds ideal and does the classes to raise money for kids with learning difficulties. So, I was really pleased I stumbled upon this. I took all his details for Mal.

Mal came back in the afternoon. He seemed pleased about the art classes and will pursue it next week.

We had a quiet evening.