Friday 19th November 2021

My second appointment for Maxillofacial. Dr Anna asked me if I was sure I could cope with more! She also asked how I had been and I told her the quarter of my mouth she had treated, the teeth have been very sensitive and she told me that will last for 6-8 weeks. She also told me my regime should be interdental brushes and then clean my teeth, leaving the toothpaste on for half an hour and NEVER rinse. I questioned this as I always rinse and she repeated it asking what good was toothpaste if you rinse it away? Well, who knew I have been incorrectly cleaning my teeth for 70 years!

Today’s treatment was not good. I won’t go into details, just to say I now understand why a lot of people pull out of the treatment! Suffice to say I came out shaking and sat in the car and cried. Mal had taken Ellie to the park in Dover while I was in there, so we sat for a while.

Pain killers and I went to bed when I got home.

I felt more human in the afternoon. I will consider all this before next visit but think I have to think in the long term.

I compiled a Sainsbury’s online shop in the evening, in case I didn’t feel up to shopping, delivered tomorrow with a “saver slot” for £1.

Thought for the Day – “Nobody is perfect, that’s what makes the world special. All we can do is our best and be kind.” ~ Stacy Solomon