Friday 12th November 2021

My first Maxillofacial appointment. The appointments made recently were all changed and moved forward “owing to staff shortages.” I can’t say I was looking forward to it but I have waited over three years.

Doctor Anna is really lovely, explained it all first and said she would be dealing with a quarter of my mouth. She also said some people had one treatment and chose not to have any more, which was fine by her. So I asked if it was that bad!! She said some people just can’t cope with it . At least she is honest. So, she worked on a quarter of my mouth for an hour. I was numb right up to my eye . I was  dizzy when I stood up when she had finished.

This could only happen to me…in the middle of the treatment the fire alarm went off!! She said to the nurse she wasn’t stopping unless she smelt burning!! They hadn’t been told it was a fire drill but everyone else left the building except us evidently, she carried on regardless. It had been a fire drill!

I started on the pain killers as I know when the injections wear off, it is going to be painful for a while.

Mal went to Dover with me and took Ellie to the park close by so they had fun.

When we went to Sheerness last week, I filled my car up with petrol. Rhys had told me Tesco there was the cheapest but I didn’t know why until Rhys sent me this today! I must say at first I thought it was a joke!

In the evening we watched the football. OK England won but the second half was boring and there could have been more goals.

Thought for the Day – “The secret to happiness? Spend more time with animals and less time with idiots.”

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