Jul 08 2017

Saturday 8th July 2017

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David called round in the morning to give us a report on Kenny. He has such a heavy plaster cast on that he can’t even manage to get out of bed on his own. But he is beginning to eat a bit now, so that’s good.

I think the heat/sun and all the work started getting to me as I felt quite sick and a stomach ache in the morning. Mal carried on painting and did get it finished. I was ordered to stay in with the air con on! For the first time we both had a short siesta in the air con, I did feel better after that.

We didn’t have much food in so said we would pop out for a quick meal. We decided to go to Sea Point as we hadn’t been there for a while. If I say they were not that busy for a Saturday night, now hear the tale! We sat down and a young waiter started pouring us water from a small bottle. I hate that when they charge you when you haven’t even asked for it, so I said we wanted a large bottle not a small bottle so take it away. He did bring a large bottle and finally we were not charged for the small bottle. BUT we did order a pint of draught Efes and a coke. We waited and waited and then gave up any dreams of getting them. We did get bread and olive paste and humus.  After quite a long wait my chicken sis and Mal’s swordfish arrived and I have to say the food was really good. Half way through our main, one of the waiters pushed a trolley right next to Mal. It was piled high with dirty plates and the rubbish bag at the end where they tipped all the leftovers in was right alongside Mal and it smelt. We gulped our food and asked for the bill. The waiter asked if we wanted anything else and we said no because we didn’t like being sat next to a smelly trolley. I asked him if they did that every night, just left dirty plates stacked on a trolley in the middle of the restaurant and he said *no” and moved it! Yeah, you guessed it the Efes and coke were on the bill. When we told him we weren’t paying for drinks no one bothered to bring he just said OK, I’ll change the bill!!  What a shame as the food was good, a pity the staff weren’t up to the same standard. Needless to say they lost their tip!

Thought for the Day – “Think a little less, live a little more.”

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