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Now it is a little cooler Mal and I have started on our long list of jobs to do. We have had paint mixed before which never seems to come out the colour that has been promised. We found an easy solution, add our own dye. We found such dyes in Marshall’s and I started mixing the paint to the colour I wanted. Foolishly, I trusted the colours on the card that came with the syringe. I had not realised that the colours had faded in the shop, obviously by the sun, so as I started mixing, the hint of beige I wanted was turning pink! I hate pink walls and so the whole can has been dumped. Mal is not the tidiest of people at the best of times but without even touching a paint brush or roller, he managed to splash pink paint everywhere. Don’t ask me how. Back down to our local yapi for another can of white paint and a proper dye! By this time, having prepared the bedroom, I just couldn’t be bothered to start again!

Instead I gave Rosie a good brushing as she has a habit of scrambling about in the undergrowth when we are out walking. I then gave her a shower and she looked much improved, which the shower and the en suite didn’t after she had run around everywhere soaking wet.

I had a long email from Glenda and Garry, our friends in Tennessee and the past few years have not been good to Glenda health wise. We really hope Glenda that things are now improving and you are on the road to recovery.

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