Friday 15th July 2021

Ellie and I were up and out by 6am and Sandwich was already buzzing with 8 carriage trains (never seen here at any other time!) Double decker shuttle buses full to capacity trying to manoeuvre our narrow streets and many walking down to the bay for the Open. We all now call Sandwich “Cone City” because the whole town is now covered in traffic no parking cones, even at roundabouts and crossings!! Of course I forgot to mention the helicopters and private planes overhead. Chaos and traffic jams, even that early. The only reason I have empty streets was when the train was going across the level crossing! I won’t be using my car until Monday!

Whilst I was out walking a lady spoke to Ellie and knew her name. She then went on to tell me that about a year ago, she presumed my husband, had asked if she was OK as she was walking along crying! She had just lost her dog and so Mal had stayed and chatted to her and said when she had enough time to grieve, to think about a rescue, so many needed homes. At the time she said she would never have another dog (don’t we all?!) She said after a couple of months she thought about what he said and just started looking online at various websites. A few months later she saw a “beautiful Labrador looking” dog on a Spanish website. She enquired and they had someone in the UK and did a home check, so she rescued the dog and wanted me to thank Mal as she she said he is perfect but NOT a Labrador and he now weighs 10 stone!! She was so grateful. That’s nice.

Broadstairs Folk Week is going ahead and we have managed to get tickets for Merry Hell, excellent.

We both spent the morning at the allotment.

I started freezing some fruit as we are getting so much.

I did wonder why they had armed police in Sandwich, evidently Princess Anne was watching the golf! And here is Niall Horan in the town.

Thought for the Day – “A diamond is a chunk of coal that did well under pressure.”

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