Wednesday 24th May 2023

We woke up to the blackbird singing, he does this every morning. Well, we do sleep with the patio door wide open so we can listen to the sea. It was also raining and looking at Funchal’s weather for the coming week, a lot of rain. We may have picked the best time! Having said that, it is often cloudy in the morning and then the sun makes an appearance later.

Breakfast and then packing. At least we had until midday to use the room and our lift comes at 1.15, so good timing.

Our last goodbyes. Funny because we obviously both know too much about pool cleaning and at the same time we both said “why is she cleaning the pool with a brush and not a vacuum?” ! This is only the small pool, I guess they must be using the vacuum on the other pool! You can also see how it has rained during the night.

A good flight with the pilot saying it was the same temperature in Gatwick as when we left Funchal!

Take off  is very close to the sea!

What a lovely surprise, Rhys came to pick us up but he had Tariq with him, it was so lovely to see him. Then of course we collected Ellie, I think she missed us as usually she ignores us for a while but this time came and slept right next to the bed, bless her.