Tuesday 14th November 2023

We collected Ellie’s dog food from the vets last week. Mal went in to get it and forgot to take our members card in to be stamped. The card enables us to have one free 12kg sack when we have purchased 5. I know they have it on their records but safer to have the card stamped, so we called in , they checked their records and stamped our card. At £75 a sack, I didn’t want to lose out on that.

While we were in Eastry we took  Ellie over the fields.  Well, she ran and ran and also played with a young black lab. I think she was exhausted by the time we drove back. This is her taking a breath!

Back home in time before the rain started.

The new washer/tumble dryer is good. I washed Ellie’s car blanket and when it was dry, the dryer just stops!

On the news today 500 will be losing their jobs at Pfizer in Sandwich. Perhaps they won’t be needing all the extra houses they are  building around us!

Thought for the Day – “Live life to the fullest and focus on the positive.” ~ Matt Cameron