Monday 20th November 2023

My day at the Cancer Research shop and quite a busy day it was too.

We had sent a letter to Scarlet and Jack (Torin’s twins) saying we hadn’t a clue what they are “into” and we were finding it difficult to know what to give them for Christmas or would they prefer money. Today we had a typed letter which we wonder whether it was from them or their mother. It said “no need to send them presents or money.”  Well, we will until and if they say they don’t want to hear from us again, we will always do it, for Torin and the fact they are still our grandchildren. They are 14, maybe one day……………..

It seems they are both playing football for under 15 teams. I will have to think longer what they may like.  We asked if they had their own bank accounts and then we could transfer money, they didn’t answer that.  It is so sad when we were so close to them.

Thought for the Day – “Surround yourself with happy, warm and generous people.”