Saturday 2nd October 2021

We walked Ellie and then went to the local shops before the rain started. It rained and it rained!

I walked round to Pilgrim’s Hospice charity shop as I had spoken to the manager previously about becoming a volunteer.  I took in the application form. Yes, they were busy, so busy they had run out of change, hadn’t done the banking etc etc. I was just standing there and so offered to go to the Post Office for them and they said yes! That just shows how busy they were as they didn’t even know me nor looked at my application form, it was still in my hand. She did know however that I had volunteered at Demelza.  Eventually it was agreed that I would start on Monday and do any other day I could manage…no I think one day is enough for now. Claire, the “support manager” is a lovely lady.

Thought for the Day – “If speaking kindly to plants helps them grow, imagine what speaking kindly to humans can do.”

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