Jul 02 2017

Sunday 2nd July 2017

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 So, we started work in the heat again.
Mid morning I received an email from David saying that Kenny had an accident last night, obviously while we were out. He fell down their marble stairs banging his head. He tried phoning Kolan hospital, the private hospital, emergency number and there was no answer! He then phoned for an ambulance. The ambulance arrived within 10 minutes with a 4 man crew. They took him to the state hospital and he had a ct scan right away, because he had banged his head. He had 11 stitches in his head, has broken his arm in three places and also has cracked ribs and is in hospital.I tried to phone David but he was obviously at the hospital.
It’s Sunday so a half day away from the work!
 We had our lunch at Acmenya. They are still doing their 3 course lunch, helping yourself to desserts. coffee and brandy for 30tl.  Only bonkers Brits go and eat Sunday roast in this heat! BUT at least as the temperature has risen, the humidity has dropped.
We sat by the fans!
On the way home we saw David heading back to the hospital to see Kenny. They will know tomorrow if his arm needs operating on. At least his head is OK following the Ct scan. David is very impressed with the attention they have been receiving. Sounds better than the NHS! That was one of our reasons for returning to the UK having had two bad medial incidents  here. It sounds as if things have improved.
In the pool, reading and playing cards for the rest of the day.
Thought for the Day – “A little spark of kindness can put a colossal burst of sunshine in someone’s day.”
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