Dec 04 2017

Monday 4th December 2017

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So, the end of our weekend. Into breakfast and then we packed up.We would definitely go another year the amount of good bands that we listened to.

The roads coming back from Skegness are horrendous what with speed limits and the fact that if you are stuck behind a tractor in this agricultural area, then that is where you will stay. 30 miles, a part of the journey took and hour and ten minutes!

Again we stopped at Springfields Retail Outlet on the way back. This time we bought 3 x boxes of M&S £20 crackers, for £10 for the lot! (Reduced to £5 today and in 3 for 2!) Very posh crackers. Mal also bought some new leather walking boots.

More of the journey towards Cambridge where they are doing massive road works on the A14, more hold ups. 

Mal had booked another hotel (again we had planned to stay with Torin). As soon as we arrived we were given the key to our “executive room” and asked what time we would like our cream tea in the Lounge Bar (included in the deal!) Oh my goodness……

As readers will know we rarely pay full price for anything! On this occasion Mal had booked the hotels and had done very well…….or so we believed!

Now dinner in the evening. That was so funny. This was a Travelzoo offer and it included a 3 course dinner. It did not stipulate a price but they certainly did when we sat in the restaurant! They brought us a separate piece of paper saying that you could only have a meal up to £23. Well, it didn’t matter what combination we tried, we couldn’t get a 3 course meal for £23. Impossible! We explained this to the waitress who seriously didn’t want the responsibility of our discussion! She called the Manager. He totally understood, apologised  and said to order whatever we wanted and he would “sort it out”. We told him it wasn’t the cost we were bothered about but that it was misleading to everyone. He agreed! The other things on the piece of paper he gave us were additions to the original menu prices, which made  bean cassoulet £6 more and now made this more expensive than the steak.

At this point I was thinking of awarding the hotel 5 stars on Trip Advisor because of the way the Manager reacted to the situation.  We gave him our order. We sat back and waited… and waited….and waited. I did notice the Manager running into the kitchen at one stage and he didn’t re appear. We always say that Monday night is the chefs night off in most establishments and maybe that was the case this night. We were still waiting when more people came in and were getting quite irritated at having to sit and wait for so long. There were 7 waiting staff in the restaurant and a maximum of 20 people seated. Suffice to say, three people walked out, two more were complaining whilst we eventually were given our meal and sat waiting for Basil Fawlty to appear from the wings. The sad thing was the food was good but the service was total rubbish. It did give us a laugh though watching everyone’s reactions. I forgot to mention, Mal had ordered cheese and biscuits. He had cheese and some stale bread, which he didn’t want to eat but they forgot to bring a knife! By this time he was so tired of waiting, he ate it all with his fingers. No one noticed or cared! I watched the waiting staff and to me it was as though not one of them wanted to step foot inside the restaurant.  They did make a good Eton Mess though and a pretty good mess of upsetting their customers!

No one at any time asked if our meals were OK. The stars have reduced drastically. In contrast, the hotel on Friday night had one waiter to serve the entire restaurant. 

What can I say …it amused Mal and I anyway.

Thought for the Day – “A smile, a wave, a thank you and a hug ….it’s often the smallest things that make the biggest difference.” ~ Katrina Mayer

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