Dec 01 2017

Friday 1st December 2017

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I find it difficult to believe it is December already. November seems to have past in a blur.

So,  the Great British Folk Festival. It certainly is a better way of seeing all these bands than camping out in a tent possibly in the rain. The trouble is there are so many we want to select. Merry Hell are a must so we will have to stay awake for the 11pm  start tomorrow night!
We went into breakfast at 7am as the planes started going over at 4.30am! I was already awake anyway don’t seem to get too much sleep lately. I was impressed with breakfast. There is often fresh fruit but it is never very exciting. It was here….fresh strawberries and raspberries! Of course there was everything else that you expect too.

We then drove to Skegness, stopping on the way at Springfields in Spalding. One of the reasons for stopping there was because we forgot that you take your own towels. I remembered the important things like extra wine and beer! They had an M&S Outlet there where we bought new towels and I found some very expensive Per Una velvet trousers for £9. I also bought a designer top in another shop at a fraction of the price. We had our lunch and then on to Skeggy! It was an awful journey, Friday afternoon traffic, raining and speed limits all the way.

The Great British Folk Festival was being held at Butlins. I have been here before with the boys abut 35 years ago! It has changed. We were told where our “room” was. In fact it was an apartment with 2 bedrooms and it was so warm when we opened the door. It was freezing outside. We were very impressed, much more up market than I remember. We hadn’t expected too much so were very pleasantly surprised.

We had also paid for the Premier meals package which was well worth it we discovered when we went for dinner. The secret we have found out already is to get in there early!

So many bands on and we had to be selective but our best acts this evening were Martin Healey and Eddi Reader. Eddi was excellent and I love her ‘The Patience of Angels’. For any oldies reading, she used to be in ;Fairground Attraction’! 

A brilliant evening and all finished off with a couple of Remy Martin brandies! 

I still have my “moments” at least a couple of times a day. A good thing Mal is so understanding but then I know how much he is suffering too.

Thought for the Day – “Nothing you wear is more important than your smile.” ~ Connie Stevens

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